Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to some common inquiries.

Is it healthier to use a natural toothpaste or the stuff from the store?

You’ve probably seen a million different Facebook recipes for toothpaste. Ranging from straight peroxide to Lemon juice and baking soda. The thing to remember is what causes decay. Toothpaste has been through rigorous research and study to find formulas that will reduce the chance of decay. The fluoride in them is essential especially if you live in an area with nonfluoridated water. Chemicals like peroxide that dry out your mouth or Lemon juice that is a strong enough acid to eat the enamel in your teeth, create a dry acidic environment that the bacteria that cause decay will thrive in. It is important to use things that do not dry out your mouth, and reduce the acids in your mouth, in order to prevent decay.

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